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  1. Thanks very much! It is just match to Japanese.

    Quote Originally Posted by fs5500 View Post
    Thanks very much!

    It is just match to Japanese PC-6001.
    That means PC-6001A VDG is same as PC-6001.

    VDG : M5C6847P-1 ( Mitsubishi, compatible with Motorola MC6847 )

    The font is nearly same as MC6847's PAL square font except (*).
  2. Graphite powder for noisy fans

    EDIT: Google failed me. Graphite powder conducts electricity so a leak could mean a short circuit in your computer. High temperature grease is better. See this forum thread:


    Google "graphite powder cpu fan". It worked great for my noisy laptop fan. I have some extra tips however. Don't use too much graphite powder. I ...

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  3. Tribbles

    I've had a kinda maudlin tone in my Blogs of late.It's depressing sometimes to feel your intellect slipping...Today,I am going to put that person behind me and push ahead into the unknown.
    MY goal today is the "Tribbles" of Life.Every one of us has had annoying,cute,potentially deadly occurrences in our lives.We exist today,because we overcame(or Out-thought)those annoyances of life.
    OK,I'll admit it,I am an old time Star Trek fan.And,yes,I was one of those folks who wrote ...
  4. Last Rites

    We all have had the bad feelings brought on by the demise of a precious PC.What meaning can be had from it's final "Power On"?It's an affirmation of"Life" in it's most abstract form.
    The old PCs we cherish, are "Alive" to us in the abstract sense.We all enjoy the thrill of a successful boot cycle.It's only natural that we ascribe some form of "Being" to these otherwise "inanimate" objects.What then,is the purpose?
    I believe that we ...
  5. It's Official

    Yes,it is official.I have suffered another TIA.Strange that it didn't wipe out a more used section of my memory this time.I'm lucky all that is gone is the ability to name songs.Well,that and some physical "twitches",that I never had before.I have to say that as "Events" go,this one is outstanding for my utter lack of memory.I mean,I remember the night before,but nothing of the entire day during the "event".(It's kinda scary,not to remember anything at all)
    You ...