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  1. tipc's Avatar
    The old Intel 24/10. Egg shell colored box? Yeah, I got 1 too. Mine is empty though
  2. MindThreat's Avatar
    If your cell phone has bluetooth, you might be able to use Cell2Jack and save a lot of time/hassle. Better yet, if your phone has a hotspot feature turning it into a wifi access point and your machine (whatever you're using) has wifi, that would be a good option as well. Though I do admit, not nearly as charming as using actual dial-up in 2021 through a cell-phone , no less.
  3. MindThreat's Avatar
    Have an unusual draw to the older NECs for some reason, as I do with the HP Vectras, but would love to see a photo of your fixed setup sometime if time ever permits. Maybe I missed the obvious somewhere but where's the link to the YouTube video?
  4. MindThreat's Avatar
    I appreciate that you took this photo with a Sony Mavica my uncle had a system similar to that at one point. My first non-branded build system sported an AMD K6-2 450Mhz with "3D NOW!" technology lol, that was in 99 and man those were the days! I actually don't miss Windows 98 anymore outside of the occasional need for some old software that will only run on it, which I now have a decent little Sony VAIO for.
  5. MindThreat's Avatar
    Loved the color series of G3s, had a blue one for a short while with matching printer. Nice little combo system, wasn't a fan of the puck mouse but it worked. Certainly didn't spend enough time with it before finding it a new home, now I'm going back further with a PowerBook setup soon from 96