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  1. AST Six Pack Plus - is there a way to put the ram at 640K ?

    Quote Originally Posted by krebizfan View Post
    AST's version of the Six Pack designed to support EMS was called the Six Pack Premium.

    Disabling the memory on a Six Pack Plus can be done by setting the jumper to indicate zero memory installed. Removing chips is not necessary. Though if doing that, swap the card with a RAM less I/O plus clock card and send the card on to someone with a RAM limited system.
    Does anyone know if you can use 100ns speed chips on the six pak Plus?
  2. Turn Off AT PSU without unplugging

    Quote Originally Posted by Timo W. View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Smack2k View Post
    There are times however that I need to completely power off a computer (either by unplugging PSU or flipping the power switch on a PSU that has on). Issue is that I have to move things around and then get my arm in behind the machines to do it. Is there an easier way I could do this where maybe I have a switch or something on each machine I could mount in front?
    Are you aware that the power switch on AT does exactly that? Yes, I mean the front switch, not the one on the back. It will completely
  3. More Versa Work.....

    Just got the Ultralite in, I got a REAL basketcase, lol. Rusty oscillator, looks like water damage, ticks when the battery is installed, no status on the LCD display, LCD panel thrashed but control boards good, AC Adapter is down for the count as well, and the plastic is cracked. When they said "for parts" they were not kidding. Managed to use a few parts to fix the M/75 I just got.

    The M/75 was also a bit of a basketcase - overpaid. But the chassis on this one is flawless ...
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  4. Courier Woes - why I'm holding off on my rebuild/flip idea

    USPS up until now has been very reliable, so I'm a bit ticked off....

    Ordered M/75 on the 8th, was "Out for Delivery" on the 15th, then turned up at a 6:41pm as "Ready for Pickup" at our Post Office. No slip, no note in the tracking - nothing. Weird since our regular carrier comes by as late as 9:10pm to deliver mail and parcels.

    So I figure - since the message on E-bay AND USPS is "be patient, we are experiencing slowdown during these unprecedented ...
  5. NEC Versa PC-4xx Model List

    Basically a quick list to identify what model Versa you have by the PC-4xx model number on the bottom...and other information for an upcoming video that might prove useful.

    400 - Intel 486 DX-20 SLC, 4MB RAM base, 20MB MAx, WD SVGA video, Dumb Battery, no trackball
    410 - Intel 486 DX-25 SLC, 4MB RAM Base, 20MB Max, WD SVGA video, Dumb Battery, no Trackball
    4?0 - Intel 486 DX-33 SLC, 4MB RAM Base, 20MB MAX, WD SVGA video, Dumb Battery, no Trackball
    440 - Intel ...
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