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  1. Replacing the power supply in a Commodore PET 8032

    Picked up a CBM 8032 with a bad transformer a few years back. Posted about how to fix here

    and finally got around to cleaning up the wiring and permanently mounting the parts. Here's the parts list

    Mean Well LRS-150-24 (
    XL4016 Buck Converter x 2 ( ...
  2. The Versas are Fixed.....ALL of them.....

    All the NEC Versa are up and running now, all four of them. So here's the current specs and everything I had to do with them...

    1994 NEC Versa 40EC
    - 640x480 Active Matrix Thin Film Transistor 9.4" LCD, Non Pen/Touch, NEC NL6448AC30-06
    - i486 DX2 SLC 40MHz
    - 20MB of RAM (4MB on Board, 16MB on Card)
    - 1.44MB Floppy Drive
    - 540MB 3.5" IBM HDD (Versa Pak, Original to my M/75)
    - Western Digital 65543 1MB SVGA Graphics/LCD Controller ...
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  3. Still waiting for "guitar season".....

    Anyone that has followed my YouTube channel for the last, I dunno, 15 years knows I tend to be seasonal, favoring music/guitars/cars (if I can help it on that last one) during the summer, and then spending the winters doing Console/TV/Computer/Electronic stuff.

    But it's still cold out, threatening rain or snow I guess more computer stuff it is nicer out. Even then, I have one or two projects for PC's during the summer that I can do (etching circuit boards) if I feel like. ...
  4. Cheap older style uAtx cases

    Well mine came Friday. Whichever idiot preassembled it crushed the front fan connector underneath the fan. My io plate doesn't fit the Mobo properly (not case's fault). And as I suspected the p/s is impossible to secure, again not a problem with the case but on account of it being a very old design I guess. Power switch is very responsive though. Mobo would usually take several hits to start up.
  5. AST Six Pack Plus - is there a way to put the ram at 640K ?

    Quote Originally Posted by krebizfan View Post
    AST's version of the Six Pack designed to support EMS was called the Six Pack Premium.

    Disabling the memory on a Six Pack Plus can be done by setting the jumper to indicate zero memory installed. Removing chips is not necessary. Though if doing that, swap the card with a RAM less I/O plus clock card and send the card on to someone with a RAM limited system.
    Does anyone know if you can use 100ns speed chips on the six pak Plus?