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  1. The Versas are Fixed.....ALL of them.....

    All the NEC Versa are up and running now, all four of them. So here's the current specs and everything I had to do with them...

    1994 NEC Versa 40EC
    - 640x480 Active Matrix Thin Film Transistor 9.4" LCD, Non Pen/Touch, NEC NL6448AC30-06
    - i486 DX2 SLC 40MHz
    - 20MB of RAM (4MB on Board, 16MB on Card)
    - 1.44MB Floppy Drive
    - 540MB 3.5" IBM HDD (Versa Pak, Original to my M/75)
    - Western Digital 65543 1MB SVGA Graphics/LCD Controller ...
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  2. More Versa Work.....

    Just got the Ultralite in, I got a REAL basketcase, lol. Rusty oscillator, looks like water damage, ticks when the battery is installed, no status on the LCD display, LCD panel thrashed but control boards good, AC Adapter is down for the count as well, and the plastic is cracked. When they said "for parts" they were not kidding. Managed to use a few parts to fix the M/75 I just got.

    The M/75 was also a bit of a basketcase - overpaid. But the chassis on this one is flawless ...
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  3. Vintage Laptop Experiments - My ideas forvintage laptop structure issues.......

    So the P/75's trackball started getting erratic last night and I troubleshot the issues to relate to the laptops's loose plastic bits interfering with the operation of the VersaTrak. So I took out the loose bits, threw some tape on the inside, and viola....the computer is happy as a bug again.

    But this has me thinking, a lot of the problems with 90's laptops that I've had have been 2 types of issues - power, and structural issues. Something I've been interested in with regards to ...
  4. More Versa Shennanigans......Cool Idea to rehouse the M/75

    So, while the M/75's case is crumbling like Feta Cheese to the point I can't use it anymore (that's why I said it "died") - at least not in it's current state.....I got a crazy idea......old computers don't come to the Creeping Network to die, thjey come to the Creeping Network to be reborn as something better than they could have been in their time.

    The #1 problem with all these vintage laptop computers is the darn cases. I've owned about 10 of them, and they would make ...