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  1. Exidy Sorcerer error

    Let me state it another way. Choose one of the Caps that Beeps. Unsolder the Cap, and remove it. See if the
    Motherboard Solder Pads still BEEP and the Cap checks fine on a Cap checker. It's hard to believe you have that
    many Caps that are defective all at once. It's possible, but if it is you should have bought yourself a Lottery Ticket.

  2. TRS-80 Knowledge Archive

    by , September 1st, 2018 at 05:44 AM (Rainer's addiction to obsolete computers)
    ---------------------------------------------------------------- <----

    This Yahoo information group (no discussion group) is especially dedicated to TRS-80 beginners and TRS-80 fans who need more knowledge . Please check - registration is required - It can't be visited without a registration, sorry. All TRS-80 fans are welcome.

  3. I'm mad after typing up a message.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jmdlcar View Post
    I try to join and after typing up a message I found out I was rejected. Has anyone ever had a problem with them?
    I've had this happen on other lists in recent years. It happens to me because the address I use for receiving messages on the list is not the address that I use for sending messages to the list. (Again, I've no experience with the list you're having trouble with, but others).
  4. Obtaining a Forgotten Login on an IBM System/36

    This blog post comes from the issue where you may end up with a System/36 where just the administrator or all of the user accounts and passwords have been forgotten. This article has been created to help de-obfuscate an existing procedure posted about 15 years ago here on Usenet. The purpose of redoing this procedure is to be a bit friendlier on those folks ...

    Updated May 12th, 2018 at 07:17 PM by NeXT

  5. Any PC on a chips?

    Quote Originally Posted by Fire-Flare View Post
    There was something like that a few years back:

    Personally I'd love to have a dual-SD card variant that looks like a 5150/5160 with two floppy drives.
    That is bullseye to what I want but the problem is it isnt available anymore. Eh, not building anything right now so not a big deal. Mostly curious for if or when I build it.
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