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  1. Mastervoice ECU (The Butler in a Box Tries again)

    Two years ago I made another blog entry discussing the Mastervoice Butler in a Box.
    As a refresher this was a late 80's product that gave you X10 home automation in a small box with speech recognition and speech synthesis. Overall it looked great on the outside but on the inside it had a number of questionable ...
  2. Help needed: Compaq Presario 5220 all-in-one

    Just use it as is. Want a more powerful Pentium: buy another OEM cheap. OEMs are not upgrade friendly and get easily damaged. They work great when left original.
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  3. PDP-Lifter

    Racking an old PDP-11 or its peripherals can take some care, owing to the weight and bulk. The task can be made easier with this simple equipment lifting cart you can build. You can quickly, easily and accurately rack, unrack and move heavy gear with confidence - and possibly save your back as well.

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    You'll find more information and complete construction ...
  4. HIMEMV2 or equivillent PROM

    Quote Originally Posted by ibmapc View Post
    If your not familiar with the HIGHMEMV2, see the folowing 1megXT.txt.It is a chip that replaces the rom in socket u44 on the IBM 5160 XT Motherboard to address memory up to 1 meg. I did the mod for 640KB on the motherboard about 25 years ago. So I have 256k chips in banks 0 and 1. I have enough 256k chips that I pulled from another board to fill the other two banks. I realize that the added memory will only give me about 64k of Contiguous base memory, but I believe there is a good
  5. Fast String Reverse in Assembler

    I became interested in string reversal, a common interview question I remember getting, while investigating methods of converting integers to strings. In the discussion thread I started [1] I used disassembled code from MSC 5.1's itoa() routine. I always feel guilty using someone else's code verbatim in projects written from scratch, even if it was assembly code. Below is the inner loop (14 bytes) assuming a load address of 0x100 using DEBUG.

    0100 DEC DI
    0101 LODSB
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