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  1. do you know the disk?

    Do you know the disk, please tell me or give me some information about it. thanks

    Updated February 22nd, 2010 at 06:06 AM by storages

  2. Atari 520ST Keyboard Dust Cover

    Geek Peeps, my brothers 520ST is long gone but for some reason I came across the keyboard cover.
    I heard that these are hard to come by. my brother drank a lot of coffee so there is a very feint stain on the back but no bleed through.
    It shows only a tiny bit of wear. The ATARI 520ST is displayed by some computer museums. A cover would be a nice addition. If you know of a place I don't have the time to bother with ebayt & ripoff inc. I will sent it to you for $15 which includes ...
  3. Radio Shack Advertisement 1980

    The overpriced line of Radio Shack Line computers, printers and accessories.
    TRS-80......................$2047 15K memory
    WP-50 9-pin Printer ....$3000 upper/lower case kit $99
    -------Package----------$5493 with/software
    See advertisement I place on Flickr.

    Amazing, no?
    I was happy with my Atari 800, but I hated the ...
  4. What was your first memory of being in awe watching a computer?

    Quote Originally Posted by Vint View Post
    Actually for me it was a book about computers that drew me to them. I had been using the TI-59 programmable calculator and I ran across this book back in 1978 -

    It blew me away how you could do so much more, especially manipulating text like MID$, RIGHT$, etc. on a computer compared to the programmable calcs.

  5. And The Dead Shall Rise!!! Sometimes...

    I wanted to write about the successful "Raising From the Dead" of my Toshiba T3200.Well,it's "Dead Jim".There is nothing obvious,everything looks good.The most natural place to start was the Power Supply.,then various traces,then started looking for a seprate fuse or breaker in the power circut.Nope.I just can't find the fault.Ok,now to reassemble it and do no more damage.In that I can score a WIN! It went back together with no extra screws.At least there was some success in ...