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  1. Any PC on a chips?

    Quote Originally Posted by Fire-Flare View Post
    There was something like that a few years back:

    Personally I'd love to have a dual-SD card variant that looks like a 5150/5160 with two floppy drives.
    That is bullseye to what I want but the problem is it isnt available anymore. Eh, not building anything right now so not a big deal. Mostly curious for if or when I build it.
  2. First it was leaded solder, now itís coffee

    Quote Originally Posted by luckybob View Post
    From the advances in medicine I've seen in my (relatively) short time on this rock, we are close to having replacement internals. They take your dna, stick it in a pig, wait a few months. BAM! New organs and bacon! Even in mechanical replacements, they are working hard. I read not to long ago about some trials on replacement kidneys. Yea, it might suck if things go the route of Repo! or Repo Men.

    Replacment inplys that somepeople had one to replace! In some cases ...
  3. DEC PDP-11/03 switch paddle, LED receptacle and console board

    I have an MDB Systems workalike LSI-11 backplane which I am starting to get working. I thought it would be nice to build the DBCOK logic and console switches to have the same look and feel as the original PDP-11/03 console so I scripted up the specific DEC switch paddle and LED receptacle as part of the project (which is ongoing) so they can be 3D printed and use a tiny Arduino to do the powerup sequence.

    If you have a PDP-11/03 or a PDP-11/05 with missing or broken switch paddles then ...
  4. The sleeper three-button Logitech mouse

    Now normally I spend a lot of time slagging ANYONE who dares use a keyboard with anything but their original machine and frankly the same should apply to mice as well, right?
    Well yes there are a large number of notable examples of mice that really only worked with specific machines both electronically and asthetically. One example I can come up with is the Hawley mouse. It is absolutely revolting on terms of ergonomics but it just seems like the kind of thing the "hip" tech crowd ...
  5. A strange hidden feature of the IBM MDA card...

    How you got this to work ?