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  1. NEC Versa PC-4xx Model List

    Basically a quick list to identify what model Versa you have by the PC-4xx model number on the bottom...and other information for an upcoming video that might prove useful.

    400 - Intel 486 DX-20 SLC, 4MB RAM base, 20MB MAx, WD SVGA video, Dumb Battery, no trackball
    410 - Intel 486 DX-25 SLC, 4MB RAM Base, 20MB Max, WD SVGA video, Dumb Battery, no Trackball
    4?0 - Intel 486 DX-33 SLC, 4MB RAM Base, 20MB MAX, WD SVGA video, Dumb Battery, no Trackball
    440 - Intel ...
  2. Laptop Plastic Repair - Superglue/Baking Soda Experiment

    Did about 5 hours of footage on Saturday of this little excusrion - I will post later once I've had time to edit.

    Basically, repaired most of the damaged plastic on my NEC Versa P/75 case using baking soda and Superglue. I have heard of this for a long time and have been VERY skeptical about it, kind of funny since I have used this before in guitar repair to repair nut slots that are too low. It just seems that this solution seemed to "Mr. Ed" for me to believe.
  3. Import 40Pin IDE to CF adapter prevents computer from booting - FIX

    When working on an SLT/286, I found that an import CF adapter would prevent it from booting, to the point it wouldn't even start the memory test.

    Troubleshooting steps included removing the CF card, unplugging power from the adapter, and finally unplugging the adapter from the ribbon cable.

    I took the adapter to the bench and started probing it and comparing against the IDE pinout. I found that pin 28, SPSYNC:CSEL was permanently connected to ground in the adapter. ...
  4. 40EC is charging again, 2021 Plans

    Fixed the NEC Versa 40EC power supply board, turns out I melted a wire between the secondary pack negative terminal on it's way to the circuitry. I replaced it with a thinner wire. The machine now charges and runs like normal. Just needs a new battery, and I located the company that made the battery for my P/75 & M/75 - they make a version for the Ultralite/E/V models as well, so I'll spend on that sometime down the road this year.

    That said, I think 2021 is going to be a bit ...
  5. Compaq SLT/386 or SLT/286 Power Supply Pinout

    I've worked out enough of the pinout to get the laptop running with a third party power supply. I don't have a good battery, so I wasn't able to really determine what the battery sense terminals do, or see what things look like when charging. I can dig in a little later after I build a replacement battery; a project for another day.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    In the image you can see the pinout looking into the computer. These are the male pins.

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