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  1. Simplifying Backface Culling

    The process of culling backfaces is simply checking the visibility of one-sided polygons based on whether they are facing towards the camera / player or away. If they are facing away then it is a back-facing side, rather than front-facing, and must be skipped during rendering. To determine this, I must calculate a normal vector. Every 3D triangle has two of these normals: one points outward from it and one points inward. The one you get depends on whether the calculation is made from vertices going ...

    Updated Yesterday at 01:45 PM by neilobremski (Note about negating Ny)

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  2. Total Recall and the 2 Weeks Mystery | It's a Pixel THING - Ep. 118

    The home computer video game based on Total Recall suffered quite a harsh development process and, recently, the rolling demo of the original scrapped ZX Spectrum version was retrieved and made playable for us to try.

    Total Recall and the 2 Weeks Mystery | It's a Pixel THING - Ep. 118
  3. Coordinate Rotation using Fixed Point

    The goal here is to quickly rotate points by a certain number of degrees using precalculated SINE/COSINE values and without floating point, e.g. only integers. In order to do that I am using fixed point [1] and a lookup table. So first I want to discuss fixed point a bit to get our feet wet.

    Fixed point is a technique where one designates a number of high bits in an integer to the whole portion and leaves the remaining lower bits to represent a fractional part. This is usually expressed ...
  4. My ZX Spectrum Stories | It's a Pixel THING - #special

    This is a compilation of different videos that sums up my personal experience, and southwestern Europe point of view, with the good old ZX Spectrum that is already 35 years old.

    My ZX Spectrum Stories | It's a Pixel THING - #special
  5. HUGE Donation | It's a Pixel THING - #special

    Check this HUGE donation that was sent to the channel!

    HUGE Donation | It's a Pixel THING - #special
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