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  1. ASR 33 teletype chad box

    I had a go at doing the ASR 33 chad bucket in CAD so you ought to be able to just print one off now.
  2. 6502 Made from 74-Series Logic at 20 MHz

    Very groovy, but I think there's way more reason to implement the 6510. Clearly more units utilized the 6502. But you can still find them new on eBay from time to time.
  3. 74LS244 Question

    Quote Originally Posted by Chuck(G) View Post
    Assuming that pin 1 stays high, it should be possible to "feed through" pin 8 to pin 12. But the solution ultimately will be figuring out why pin 1 stays high.
    Yeah that is is the goal for sure. I just want to prove out my theory a bit. After the experience with the TVT I don't trust schematics or circuit descriptions 100%. I did try feeding through but didn't see any text appear... although I didnt type anything so maybe it would only change new text being added. I'm ...
  4. What makes something collectible?

    Hello, folks. First time posting to this blog thing. I've managed to accumulate several dozen computers over the past several years. A thread from a few months ago has had me thinking about exactly what makes a computer collectible. Here are the criteria which I consider:

    1. Age: A given, but what's the cut-off? Personally, I think that, barring a few exceptions, a computer has to be 25 years old or older. Others, naturally, may have a different definition when it comes to their own ...

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  5. TRS-80 Knowledge Archive

    by , September 1st, 2018 at 06:44 AM (Rainer's addiction to obsolete computers)
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    This Yahoo information group (no discussion group) is especially dedicated to TRS-80 beginners and TRS-80 fans who need more knowledge . Please check - registration is required - It can't be visited without a registration, sorry. All TRS-80 fans are welcome.