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  • Welcome to the new Vintage Computer

    Whoa. This is going to take a bit of work. . .

    Obviously the canned junk in here is just filler for now - it came with the installation.

    I'll do some cleanup in the morning but right now I'm almost too tired to type.
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    1. Kendrick's Avatar
      Kendrick -
      Just joined and obtained a password which gets me this far. When I click on "Marketplace" on the left side of the screen I am again asked for a name and password but the one I used to get here does not work. Is "Marketplace" part of this forum? Am trying to place a notice offering some old IBM P70 components for sale.


    1. Erik's Avatar
      Erik -
      The Forum and The Marketplace are separate parts of the site and, sadly, have different user names and passwords...


    1. cptphys's Avatar
      cptphys -
      I am the guy who contributed a bunch of Gavilan stuff a couple of months ago. I have since located the bulk of the velums and like company drawings, about twice as much as what I gave you. Tell me where to bring this material and I will do so.

      Ed Berkowitz
    1. pdeldo's Avatar
      pdeldo -
      Hi Everyone,

      I'm new to the forum. I have a bunch of ti old equipment that I need to sell. My step dad died (was a pioneer in early ti gaming software) and I need to get it into the hands of someone who will love it as much as he did.

      Can anyone give me advice
    1. Chuck(G)'s Avatar
      Chuck(G) -
      Sorry to hear about your stepfather.

      But try posting in the Vintage Computer Items for Sale thread. It's perfectly legitimate to ask for identification or valuation on items. We're not about to steal you blind!
    1. Scitnor's Avatar
      Scitnor -
      Hello All - I just joined this site as a member and got a wake-up call by just utterly browsing at random. I thought I had some really old laptops (COMPAQ LTE286, SLT386s/20, etc) to have some of y'all to relate to and collaborate with. But WOW, ...some peeps in here have computers from waaay back and speaking in terms I'm not clear on. Makes me feel as though I don't qualify... just a thought.
    1. patscc's Avatar
      patscc -
      This will come with time. There's plenty of people here that are into old Compaq laptops. Just start posting about what you have.