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  • Taking offers on Apple 1, MITS Altair 8800, and early Intel Development System

    In the late 1970’s and early 1980’s, I was part of a small group trying to start a computer museum in Minnesota. It never worked out, but I did collect lots of stuff. I had hopes of doing something with my collection of 100+ micros when I retire, but retirement age has arrived and my interests have changed.

    I have 3 microcomputers that I feel have lots of historical significance and pricing them is proving to be difficult, so I am going to make them available and accept bids on them over the next couple of months. A couple museums have already contacted me about acquiring the Intel development system, but tax breaks don’t do much for retired people!

    Email me ( directly for more information and to get links to additional photos. I am not a hardware person and have no idea if they are in working order. The Altair does light up and the Apple 1 was tested and running in 1993 when I first got it.

    1. 1972 Intel SIM 8-01 development system – this micro may well be one of the very first 8-bit computers assembled. Probably assembled in the fall of 1972 and based on the June 1972 Intel plans. Housed in a professionally crafted red plexiglass case and very showy! The 8008 chip is of the earliest style manufactured and only a few of this type are even known to exist. The system includes an MP3-03 EPROM burner and it hooked up to a Teletype. Here are links to a couple photos:
    2. 1975 MITS Altair 8800 Computer
    – this micro is the 5th Altair ever built and was factory assembled. Serial numbers started with 220001 and ended with an A (factory assembled) or a K (kit form) and mine is 220005A. It is in very nice original condition and lights up. It includes the following four cards:
    8800 CPU BD REV 0
    MITS 88-S10A REV 0

    Here is a link to a photo:

    3. Apple 1 computer
    – I originally bought this computer in 1993 from a collector in Indiana. He had acquired 4 Apple 1’s from various sources and restored them all to their original 8K state and tested them. He mounted them on a grey board and framed them for display. I later traded this computer for the now famous #82 Apple 1 in the original box with the letter from steve jobs. I sold #82 to a collector in California for $25,000 in 1996. He sold it for $50,000 on eBay and then it sold on Christie’s Auction for $213,600. Recently, I reacquired this computer and will now accept bids on it. Here is a link to a photo:
    Here is a link to Mike Willegal's Apple 1 Registry that shows this computer and the other 36 known Apple 1 computers:
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      new_castle_j -
      Do you have any S-100 boards in the collection that you would sell individually?