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  1. hi, I could possibly be up there before too long. The unit itself could run anywhere from 25-50$, and then there's shipping (to Canada IIRC). Let me know if you're interested to the point that you'd prepay for the item. It's not in my backyard, so I can't send pictures beforehand unfortunately.
  2. Oh, I am a greedy collector of old computers. I have enough space to store it and I guess I would like to be notified if you *weren't* going to pick it up. Also just interested. The recent 35th anniversary of the Intel 4004 has heightened my interest in Frederico Fagin and Olivetti, the location of his first job.

    Yours Truly,

    Dave Williams
  3. I might. I have to go up that way probably this week. Why do you ask? I know nothing about it as of yet. Only it's relative size (about 4' long).
  4. Dear tipc,

    I wonder, are you going to collect the Olivetti mini? I don't know where you are located, but I am from Toronto, Canada. Anyway, just curious.

    Yours truly,

    Dave Williams
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