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  1. Hi fs5500,
    mrpijey asked me to upload it, but I'm not sure what happened to that. Do you happen to have a KF image of your 1986 Space Quest? I've been scouring eBay hoping for a v1.0x.
    I want to share all my KryoFlux files and would love to get help from others to make some complete sets.

    Also can you explain how you got PCE tools to convert to .PSI? I can make a .pri, but it fails whenever I try to convert to .psi.
  2. Hi.

    I saw that you seemed to upload KF image of Space Quest from any ftp.

    I converted KF image to .PSI by using PCE tools which can be downloaded from PCE emulator tool site.

    The dump seems to be correct, thanks.
    Your Space Quest is re-released version in 1987.

    But I'm not sure that ftp accept the KF image, because its ftp doesn't accept all KF image from ftp in the last year.
    So I don't recommend to upload KF image with copy protected disk.

    P.S. I have Space Quest released version in 1986.
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