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Rewiring My Brain

Fresh Blood

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I have noticed that there have been a fair number of "New" Forum Members from both Europe and Asia.That expands everyone's horizons.It will be interesting to hear what "Old Stuff" they might have in their Countries.
I have found the posts by the Scandanavian Members pretty informative as they talk about the Vintage PCs that are in their "World".It's cool to expand my "World View" that way.In the past,I have been guilty of being a bit "Ego Centric" about the USA and PCs.Thinking back,it was a HUGE collaboration between the Asian(Japan and China\Taiwan)Computer Companies and Our own,that fueled the "Revolution".
As the world becomes a smaller place due to the use of the Internet,our "Hobby Horizons" will continue to expand.That is something I am looking forward to.

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