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Rewiring My Brain

First Try

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I tried to post a fairly detailed description of how I came to have a need to rewire my Brain.In the end it seemed to be TMI.So,I'll do a reworked second version.
In 2006 I had a series of small strokes,called TIAs(Trans Ischemic Attack)The effects forced me to sell my successful Comic Store(In business for 19 years!) to an employee and "Retire".I was diagnosed on the basis of Xrays that showed a bunch of undifferentiated white bodies floating around in my brain,that were the remnants of 7 "Bleeds".(I got to keep the Xray,too.)
I don't really recall much of 2006 or 2007.I guess I bought and sold stuff on eBay.I have evidence of that,I just don't remember it.2008 I remeber because it was a traumatic year.I almost died in August,got diagnosed with Heart Disease,spent a Month on IV Antibiotics and had a 5 way Cardiac Bypass surgery.(It left a pretty cool scar down the center of my chest)
Recovery went well and as a bonus,my newly restored blood flow sort of "woke" me up.
There I was,aware for the first time that I was Fu**ed Up!Now what?!
I realized I had lost some of my memory,motor skills and some more stuff like that.(I'm still exploring the "Void".)Lucky for me my Wife was an RN and could understand what was going on with me.She's been more than supportive during this.All men should be so lucky(If they are inclined to marry).
I couldn't spend my time feeling sorry for what I had lost,I HAD to do something!There was no real treatment for my Brain's disturbed pathways.But I did remember that the Brain is pretty amazing when it came to "fixing" itself.I knew that learning built pathways,I liked old PCs(and Macs)so....Why not use this interest to begin some sort of recovery?
I had somehow aquired a bunch of old IBM laptops in various states of disrepair during my "foggy" period.So it seemed natural that I undertake learning about and trying to repair them.
That led to needing more knowledge than the scattered Internet pages could supply.The Net led me here.
The VCF was exactly what I was seeking.Here is where I could get the leads and guidance that I REALLY needed.I still had problems with "Processing" information.(It took me 3 weeks to understand a two paragraph instruction on how to repair a Tandy 100 keyboard)I often refer my ability as having an 8086 Brain that is trying to run Vista.
It's a start.I'll try to document my process of recovery here.

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