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GAME: The never ending story

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Just tack on a sentence that will fit with the one above it.

One day, Erik was drinking coffee...

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  1. TandyMan100's Avatar
    When his altair fell off of the table besides him! (oh no!)
  2. linuxlove's Avatar
    So as he picked his Altair up
  3. barythrin's Avatar
    To his surprise there was a leprechaun smiling as he stood next to the table.
  4. linuxlove's Avatar
    When he set his Altair back on the table, he found that nothing was damaged. He ask the leprechaun "Did you make the Altair not be damaged?" It replied:
  5. TandyMan100's Avatar
    "No, I just wanted some coffee"
  6. strollin's Avatar
    Quick as a vintage computer collector could muster, Erik grabbed the leprechaun and demanded his pot-o-gold. To which the leprechaun replied:
  7. NsMn's Avatar
    "Aye, ye want me gold? Well, if ye want me gold I may ruin yer face!" So the leprechaun took an old 8" disk and
  8. linuxlove's Avatar
    sold it to Morshu the shopkeeper. When Erik got to Morshu and asked for the disk, he replied "You want it? It's yours my friend as long as you have enough rupees".
    However Erik didn't have any rupees so he was told "Sorry Erik, I can't give credit. Come back when you're a little MMMMMMM richer."

    So Erik left and
  9. Dms12444's Avatar
    Got his IBM portable PC model 5100 and made a copy of the 8" disk on a tape drive when the shopkeeper wasn't looking.
  10. barythrin's Avatar
    Suddenly out of nowhere, the leprechaun appeared. "Now now! No cheating!" he scowled. Before Erik could react he snatched the disk and disappeared. Erik noticed something on the floor
  11. TandyMan100's Avatar
    It was a feather not unlike the one Mario uses to fly around.
  12. linuxlove's Avatar
    As he picked it up, he noticed that the feather vanished but he was wearing a cape. However since he did not have an SNES controller, the cape was useless, although it did make him look cool.
  13. barythrin's Avatar
    Naturally Erik thought to himself.. "I need the pin-outs for that controller!" off he ran to log on to the greatest, most informative forum that would have this information... the vintage computer forums.
  14. linuxlove's Avatar
    As he was logging in, he noticed an SNES next to his Lisa computers.
  15. TandyMan100's Avatar
    so he played Bubble Bobble for a while. Soon, he..
  16. Raven's Avatar
    realized that he had been playing for hours on end, and the Sun had set.

    He decided to attempt to break into the shop to retrieve the floppy, so he...
  17. linuxlove's Avatar
    went to the shop, forgetting to ask about pinouts for the SNES controller.
    Since the sun had set however, Morshu's shop was closed. Realizing he had just wasted a couple more hours, he went back to his house and into his bed, after taking off the cape and washing of course!
  18. wmmullaney's Avatar
    The next morning he returned to the shop, and...
  19. Raven's Avatar
    it unfortunately wasn't open yet. He had arrived at dawn.
  20. linuxlove's Avatar
    Thankfully, he had his IBM PC Convertible and a couple 720KB floppy disks. Sticking the disk labeled "DOS 3.3" in A:, he started the system.
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