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Tablet PCs Everthing Old is New Again!!

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Well after some more "events" in December,I've regained some of my desire to Blog.OK,so be it!
I'd like to talk about the evolution of the Tablet PCs.Sadly I don't own all that many anymore and I am having some difficulty remembering specific details.At any rate,lets begin....
The earliest one I can recall would be a(drum Roll)......
Dauphin,but I'm pretty sure Grid was also a Tablet maker.(Most likely a "Convertible" formfactor.)IBM had the 700 series with a nice Monochrome screen.
In the realm of the 386,there isn't much beyond the Epson handheld,running DOS 5.
Once the 486 became available,there were more Tablets appearing.Fujitsu,Mitsubishi,Compaq and I think Toshiba all had some models available.(This includes the 486DX4-100 versions)
The advent of the Pentium 1s gave them enough power to run Win95,OS2 Warp and early Linux.
I supose it would help to create some sort of list of the Manufacturers,Model Numbers and basic Hardware.






Obviously,it's a work in progress.I'll update when I have the info,or remember more makers.Fell free to chime in too!
Doug Blevins\cgrape2

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  1. chalackd's Avatar
    Awesome topic!

    I've got a grid convertible tablet at home, a 2260, they were a 386 and mine came with "Windows 3.11 for Pen Computing". The pen clips along the right side, and is tethered with a string. Battery was mounted precariously on the back, and many seem to now have broken clips (mine included). The screen, grayscale LCD, hinges up oddly with the bottom sliding back as the top lifts to reveal the keyboard. Neat little machine.
  2. cgrape2's Avatar
    Awesome! Surviving Grids are pretty rare,I will add it to the matrix.