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Rewiring My Brain

Second Try

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At one time I rebuilt and sold Mac SE 30s as a Pikachu themed PC.I modded the case with a custom paint job and had an artist friend design a Splash screen that looked like the Pokemon's face.I don't recall where the pictures of this went,or I'd post some.Macs are fascinating to me.They are not at all like a PC to work on.(Except for the basics)
Now,thanks to some fellow forum members,I have an LC III to mess with.It should be fun to see if I can remember anything about Macs when I get it open.If I don't,I have the uber Reference"The Dead Mac Scrolls" and the forum to use as help.
Some days I feel it is one step forward and two steps back for progress in my rewiring project.Most of yesterday was spent not understanding what was being said to me.Today,I can understand ok.It's sorta frightening when something new crops up.I'm glad it was temporary.(At least for now)

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