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So how fast is your internet?

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What's "cable"?

You guys must live in South Korea or another technologically advanced country. Tops available to me is 1.2M down, 750K up on a good day. I caught a fellow a couple of months ago marking the underground cable along side the road with his paint and flags. Since the county had just resurfaced the road, I didn't figure it was for more road work. It turns out that CenturyLink is thinking about running some real fiber up the road and the guy was from their contractor doing a bit of surveying.

That could make things quite pleasant if it extended to the DSL service.
Switched over to the dark side, convinced by wiffy and stepson to get on board, at the beginning of the month and getting just over 8Mbs up and just over 1Mbs down at the moment. This is cabled up to the router. Using WiFi it drops in half. This is sill though POTS wiring. They're in the process of running fibre optic cable though out our suburb so we coming out of the dark ages.

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  1. custm42435's Avatar
    Im getting 100mbps down and 100mbps up through fiber optic line to my house =D had to get a new router when i installed it because the one i had had a cap of 56mbps lol this is offered through our electric company, EPB telecom, and is really putting a hurt on comcast lol