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More updates on the 486......

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Right now is the big software push....every day for the past week, I've spent about 5-10 minutes a day shoving gigabytes upon gigabytes of data/software/enhancements/updates to the 486 from my main Windows 7 desktop. I've had one of my 2 1280X1024 screens crammed FULL of file-copy windows.

Man am I glad I put on that full duplex.

The longest push was the first because of some AVI files I had made in my DOS game folders on the Win7 box. It will be interesting to see if circa 95' and circa 93' Windows Media Player can handle a 2GB AVI file on a 486 DX2 processor.......if so, I might be onto something for a movie player for old movies in my Man Cave....think of it, Cannonball Run II on a 486 straight off the Hard Drive! Hal Needham ala 8K cache...ok, time to stop letting the Red-Greenisms get away with me.

Right now I"m working on organizing the folders in the install and dosgame shares, mostly the install share because everything there is just mixed up and random....and I need to separate the various WFWG311 updates I have (the magic elixers that turn it into some kind of bizarre modern-day windows with program manager mish-mash monster).

After all this plus some other software additions on my list...this thing is all done, and just like the Tandy and 286, I can just rely on it to work, and not have to futz around save for when something breaks (Which hopefully nothing will).

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