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Graphite powder for noisy fans

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EDIT: Google failed me. Graphite powder conducts electricity so a leak could mean a short circuit in your computer. High temperature grease is better. See this forum thread:


Google "graphite powder cpu fan". It worked great for my noisy laptop fan. I have some extra tips however. Don't use too much graphite powder. I think I put too much in my XT fan and now there is a 30% chance it won't spin up. You will have to test the fan from stopped position on the bench a few times first. The fan will run a LITTLE bit slower but usually this is helpful. Wear work pants as the powder is staining. I use a new round label sticker to cover up the hole (office supply store) and etch the amperage on the side of the fan with a dollar store etcher.

You can buy graphite powder at the hardware store in the key maker section. Not all hardware stores have one. Don't use graphite gel.

...and for all you lazy people who won't google YES, you have to use oil too, clear oil is better.

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Updated July 18th, 2010 at 07:13 PM by sombunall

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