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luvit at sub-16bit

my XT 5160 arrived today

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so, thee XT arrived today. pretty good shape.. too good, really.. the interior is way too clean.. very little dust trapped in front of chassis grill holes (the black round holes).
i took some pics after wiping it down pretty good.. I'm really satisfied with the exterior condition.
I can't fire it up until the remainder of my parts arrive.
it has the 256K motherboard, but the cards appear to have lots of RAM.. i may setup an ESD station and pull-out the cards to see if I can determine how much memory there really is.
-- cork foot pads will be in demand for the bottom.

i'm not sure i trust many people to clean the inside of a computer properly.. i hope this is a sign of very little usage, which i doubt.

I have attached pics to see if you guys could help with a few answers.
  • the power supply shows a date of 1989?
  • the PSU fins in the back are a little offset from the chassis hole?
  • there is no 2nd hard drive behind the 2nd HD face plate.. i suspected so, but i was hoping otherwise. (:

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Updated March 16th, 2014 at 07:17 AM by luvit

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  1. luvit's Avatar
    i'm pretty pumped.. i hope my monitor and keyboard arrive this week.