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Rewiring My Brain

Collecting 1

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With so many kinds of "Vintage PCs" to choose from.How then to select a focus?What to concentrate your efforts on?It's a question that just about any hobbyist has to face.There is just SO many things to get,that unless you have unlimited funds and a Warehouse for storage,just HAS to be faced.
For me,I guess the whole thing broke down into a couple of basic groups.I've always admired the form factor of the AIO(All in One)PCs.My space is limited to a small bedroom,so I just could not go out and get a bunch to have.I decided on a single representative piece to "Honor" that form factor.It's an IBM "Eduquest".(OK,I actually have 2,but they ARE slightly different models of the same PC)My first "Portable" was a Zenith 286 SuperSport.It served me very well and lived far past it's EOL.So I suppose my small collection of Zenith Laptops\Portables can be traced to that good memory.My first PC was a Commodore 64.Another good memory.I had fun (Ultima RULES!!!)and made use of it to do Writing assignments for Newspapers and Magazines.When it became a brick(again,far after it's EOL)there was a yearning for a replacement.Just to be different,I acquired an SX-64.A Commodore that was portable!(Yay!)Whenever I need a game of "Lunar Lander" it's there waiting.
I am pretty sure my acquisition of Compaq Laptops and Portables came from the first X86 machine I owned.It was a Mid Tower Compaq Presario 486DX2-50. I kept that thing going well into the Pentium era.I was always impressed by the quality that the machine showed,I felt that perhaps some of the Portables and Laptops would be fun and interesting to collect.So,there is a 286,386,486,P1,P2,P3 and P4 in the collection.I really liked the styling that they applied to those older PCs.
My collection is not set in stone.It's always subject to change.There is a bit of fun involved with the restoration and(for lack of a better term)"Hotrodding" of the old PCs.Seeking out an obscure accessory or the joy of bringing the "Dead" back to life can not be underestimated.
I believe that we collect because it just "Feels Good"!

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