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Rewiring My Brain


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I think all of those of us who are fans of "Obsolete Tech" have had a moment when all that is right and correct with the world has come to pass.An epiphany of function and purpose that has transcended the norm.
Such an event has take place for me a few times.They are events that(For whatever reason)have stuck in my memory of a "Shining Golden Moment".
I once undertook to rewire a Zenith 286 MB so that it could use non "Biosed" Hard Drives.There were 4 pages of instructions and a fair amount of small and delicate soldering to be done.I had never before attempted such an ambitious task.I had worked up to it by doing practice soldering on a scrap MB to sharpen my skills.My biggest problem was finding a solder bit that was small enough to do the work.A lucky trip to my local "Radio Shack" took care of the "bit" problem.So now I had to increase my courage to tackle what could be a "Death" event for that poor hapless Zenith SuperSport 286 MB.
It took about 2 weeks to practice and hone my skills.Following the instructions wasn't a problem for me in those days and wonder upon wonder,I actually accomplished the MOD.!!!
I had had reservations about the MOD,but lacking a better solution,had opted to "Go for Broke"!That time,the "Gamble" paid off and I was able to successfully use a HD that the BIOS had not listed.Wow!That was a pure RUSH!
I'm not sure what the sensations a "Meth-Freak" might experience,but I'll bet what I had was WAY Better!!!
What that MOD did for my confidence and sheer "MODilishiousness" was just unreal! I wish that the feeling could have been bottled for the future.Sadly,my memory is all that there is.That I can remember the feelings of accomplishment and "Victory" over a factory limitation is a "Shining" moment that,so far,has somehow remained.

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