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Analog Computer "Down Under" EAI TR-20

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Hi again all.

OK need help please on this EAI TR-20

The unit has a display out connector, on the back right hand side, directly below the AC main 115v or 240V ac power in connector.

Personally, from 40+ years working in industrial electronic, I very much dislike the location of this connector, as none of its cabling appears screened (mind you I was tired when I inspected this area, and may have missed the screens), especially since it has only voltages in range -10 to +10v dc, based on its location to the input power cable, makes me wonder just how much interference or modulation the mains power puts on this output signals.

I CANNOT identify it correctly. Wish to buy or maybe "be given" a mate for it. Prefer not to change it for a later style, as I would like to keep this part of the hardware as original as possible.

Attachment 28408

Attachment 28409

Its Amphenol. There is no part number on the connector.

In the EAI Maintenance Manual this Amphenol connector is defined as J57, on the EAI Drw D045 078 0W called Wiring TR-20 Computer.
And this connector routes the signals from the Display Module located in my machine in slot 17 of the Non-Linear Elements plug in row, out to remote devices like a plotter or the EAI Repetitive Display unit.

I have looked in my old Newark catalog No 105 dated I guess 1970's or earlier, and NO sign of this family.

Can anyone of you foke ID the connector and maybe even point me to a source for 1 ?

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