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When you DIE, will your collection Die also ? ie Chucked in a Junk skip by others

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Ok this is always a touchy subject to those that collect anything.

Hopefully this post will get more comments than just views, as I really feel all have to put not just their mind to read and think, but put their thoughts in to actions. And a good starting action to save you collection, is to take the step and Comment here, about your own action plan.

WHAT ... you don't have an Action Plan prepared, to save your collection when you 'leave us" ? Why NO I ask ?

Interested to discuss current though's of all here.

I am also asking each of you what role do you think the extensive use of Social Media, Ebay and Google, may play in saving your 'treasures', for future generations or other foke to get pleasure from ?

Mind you what happens to your collection, really comes down to a few core facts. I have done my best to list my views on these as follows.
Note all numbers and sizing comments are just my take on it, and have no actual foundations.

A. the size/number of items in your collection.

1. Small (1 to 10),
2. Medium(11-99),
3. Large(100-1000)
4. Huge (1000-10,000) spread across 3 shipping containers, a 40ft semi trailer, 1 shed and 3 rooms under house (( mm me )) ok and my bedroom, and tiny corner of lounge room. VERY tiny corner,trust me on that one !

5. DAMN, were is there any spare space in or around the house and the 100+ sheds, on this 20 acre block of land ? NO NOT ME !!

B. what state are most of the items ?
1. Complete and functioning,
2. Complete but display only,
3. Complete but un-restored,
4. Work in progress,
5. "sacrificial junk", and
6. "useless things I cannot get rid of, because they could be a part of something dad pulled to pieces 60+ years ago, and I may just find the rest of it when I clean up. or other x, y, z reason".

nearly forgot
7a. Any special tools that go with a specific item in the collection.
are they located with or near to that item ?
are they in you special tools box along with other 'special' tools, that only you know what they are mainly for ?

I have a few teletype tools that are specifically for my teletypes or telex machines, yet they are super useful, when I am working on one of the analog mechanism I have or re-calibrating a microscope balance. So they all "live" together in the special tools timber multi drawer box.

7b. then there is Documentation and possibly software for each collection items, to be noted what is it and where it is. Often its not located next to the item on display.

are items in B1,B2 and B3. located in well defined locations so they can NOT be confused with items of type B5 & B6

are items in B4 category located, so all parts or sub assemblies and any documentation, can be easily located disposed as a lot. ?

D. how well documented it is collection ?
MOST importantly is this Documentation easily accessible to those left behind ?
No POINT having it on a password protected laptop, that only you have password for !!!!

D. how many foke know personally of your collection; or have visited and viewed/touched your items.

will they assist those left in the disposal of your collection or possibly ( one hopes not) "steal" ( for a $1) all the major items for themselves ?

as my heading says "When you DIE, will your collection Die also ? ie Chucked in a Junk skip by others"

The old phrases..

"Grandpa has a such a load of junk in his shed !!"

"Grandma has such a load of rubbish in her house !!"

"My partner collects stupid things, cannot wait to get rid of them"

"My partners collection is in EVERY room in the house, EVEN to loo !!!!" Yes, this is a friend of mine. Sigh.

"I will finally get my cluttered house back, once all the 'crap' has gone to the tip"

still get voiced. Sure you have heard other phrases that make you cringe and imagine all you good work restoring x going for naught as it ends up in landfill.

Personally since I have a huge, and diverse collection, covering :- sciences, technology, natural history, and like, I worry about its possible demise. I have seen more than my fair share of a lifetime, just thrown away with no regard.

I am in the throws, at 64 years of age of downsizing. Step 1 for me is selling or disposing of any item, that I cannot lift with 2 hands.

This so far has removed 9 major items, 1 weighing over 50 tons (full size 2-8-4 steam engine), and 8 machine tools average weight 3 tons.
Just leaves me my 9" lathe, small mill and pan folder, the 40ft semi trailer (used as storage) and a unique 2 ton rotating wound disc BRUSH electric generator circa 1904.

Ok my three 7000 family Tektronix scopes and the Tektronix 576 curve tracer, I am now finding heavy to lift.

Also my EAI TR-20 Analog computer is almost a two person lift, and when fully set up my vintage Richert inverted Metallurgical Microscope is a 2 man lift.

The rest of my bits are mostly average size to small, but at the moment, almost all, are packed away. + over 1000 books in my library.

The car, tip truck, mini excavator and 2 ton crawler crane, I own, are just renovation tools, that will be sold once we finish the property improvements, so they dont count as Collection items.

I am painfully aware of the issues of my eventual passing will have on those left to deal will my extensive horde of bits.

So over to you lot to think on and discuss.


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