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Gary C

More Amiga

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Well the Amiga appears to be fully working but the mouse is dead.

All four signals from the optical receivers seem to work but the LM339 is only putting out one pulse train. Its a simple quad op amp so either saturates at 0 or +5 dependant upon if the input signal is high or low. The + side of each op amp is connected to the encoder with the other tied.
25 on order (!, cheaper than 1) so will try a swap.

BBC glitched again. A fautless day after replacing IC20, so a bit worrying, only to find I had not pushed the DiskDoctor ROM back in fully and it had worked its way out.

An Apple G3 is also on its way (25 !) and should be a future collectable in bondi blue including the keyboard and the puck mouse.

The PCW9512 floppy belt should arrive on Monday

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