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Gary C

Quiet couple of weeks

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Been a quiet couple of weeks, Wife and I were off enjoying the sun and the garden.

Managed to get a few hours to work out how to increase the contrast on my VT420, a small adjustment to the +5V has brought it back, but not sure why.

But back to it today. Decided to put the original motherboard back into my Apple II europlus (replaced the failed board with a good one in the early days). The original had a failed CPU and a failed memory chip and I wanted to have the machine back to as original as possible.

Board back in, but strangely would boot DOS 3.3 but not my ProDOS disk. CP/M worked with the softcard but some others wouldn't. I noticed that when I booted DOS 3.3, it loaded Integer Basic into the RAM card but typing INT gave LANGUAGE NOT AVAILABLE. Managed to get Apex diagnostics running but it showed no memory errors. Taking the RAM card out, i noticed that Apex memory test still ran upto the same memory location, so it looks as if this program can't test memory from 48K to 64k. Took half the chips off the memory card and put them into the main board and now it wouldn't run. Swapping chips back until it would work revealed one faulty RAM chip on the memory card.

Spare chip fitted. All back together and now working again

But of the three drives I have, only one seems to work. Time to fiddle with disk II's again.

Roll on retirement (4 years and 8 months to go !)

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Updated June 29th, 2020 at 03:28 AM by Gary C

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