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Gary C

iMac G3

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Just picked up the iMac G3 I bought mid April (CV19 !) in the original Bondi blue, complete with the puck mouse and box

All seems to work (luckily the owner had reset the system and the password was set back to 'password') but the case and keyboard are filthy.

The keyboard needs really careful work. Removing four screws at the back allow the rear part of the case to be unclipped from the lower, however the front clips will not pop.

To separate these, first remove all the keys to give access to the front clip from the top. You then see that the lower blue part will not flex back at all and the white top part of the clip is formed from a 2mm square bar that will not flex enough without snapping.

The solution is to use a hot air gun (i used my SMD rework gun set at 160C) to soften the upper part of the clip then use a very small pointy thing to pull it back until you can get it clear of the lower part.

Hey presto, the top can be removed. You can then either use the hot air to gently tease the clips back into position, or leave them so its easier to remove next time.

Dont you just love SJ's Apple obsession with preventing users from opening cases.

Also waiting for travel restrictions to be eased as I need to travel down to stay with my sister and pick up a Sharp MZ80K with its expansion box I have waiting for me in Luton.

Cant wait.

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Updated June 17th, 2020 at 04:41 AM by Gary C

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