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Gary C

Multibus & Amstrad PCW, what a pair

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Fitted my Gotek into the case by cutting the original badge, as it had been cut out to allow the original drive to be mounted as drive B, it was already missing, but still seems a shame to cut original stuff.
On the plus side, with the OLED, the Gotek looks good and is useable.

Been collecting some multibus cards for a few years now. Have a 286 processor card and a memory card. recently obtained a card frame, linear PSU and have been looking for a suitable 'vintage' looking case to mount it all in.

Cases big enough from RS etc are very expensive or dont have a 'vintage' look. Found an Ebay item for an old case. It has front and rear panels cut. The front already has a bezel which should look nice with a bit of smoked acrylic behind it but will need some alu cut to mount some exciting looking switches on. Might even get some IMSAI style ones to really give it some style.
The card frame doesnt come with connections for the local bus, and I think I will need these for the memory card to work properly. Might be able to do it with screened ribbon cable, but not sure.
The CPU card seems to come with the standard Intel Roms, but it would be fun to get CEGB CUTLASS running on it, so might be time to see if Daver2 has a compiler

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