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Gary C

What a difference a day makes

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I have been trying to repair the corroded tracks of my Quadboard, but there are more than I originally thought. Having a look at ebay has bought a ram bare clone board to my attention for a very keen price. Given I have all the correct chips, its probably worth trying to see if that card will work first.

Bezel of the 5160 has been glued and filled and now to spraying. I have found a great colour match in BMW mini pepper white but its the finish that might be difficult. I have given it a first coat and it looks good, but on closer inspection, there are still some irregularities around the repair that needs attention. As to the splatter finish, no idea how to replicate that.

Wedding anniversary today, so the wife has claimed all the rest of my attention so will give the bezel time to dry before further filling and sanding as necessary. Its looking good though, not bad for an 80 IBM XT 5160 that works.

Keyboard that came with the unit was an Opus XT/AT switchable bucking spring unit, that was missing a shift key and was very, very yellowed with age. Original IBM XT 86 key keyboards are far to pricey but another Opus keyboard has been obtained which is in excellent cosmetic condition, just has a few sticking keyswitches. Between them, I should be able to produce a nice keyboard. The Opus was the keyboard used with this machine at Pirelli when it was used as a terminal for an AS/400 and for some general office stuff (lotus, Paradox) so I am fairly happy with it (still would love an original XT keyboard though)

Time to fire up the 89 Porsche and go to dinner !!!!

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