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Gary C

Thats Sharp

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Bought an MZ80K for a very reasonable price 6 months ago and have just been able to pick it up owing to the distance and the lock down.

Love the design details, like the support for the case lid and the little screw to lock the support into place
And the internal monitor controls all nicely labelled.

Unplugged the PSU from the board and powered up, nothing. Strangely there is no fuse on the rear of the computer, but there are five inside the PSU case and the mains input fuse F101 is splattered indicating quite a heavy current draw rather than just an aged fuse.

Quick check of the transformer coils shows a healthy resistance, so attention naturally switches to any tantalum capacitors on the PCB and yep, there is a short between the rectifier DC output and ground. Whipped them all out and one out of the 4 is a dead short. The electrolytic's all look ok, so I will leave them for now.

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Updated August 10th, 2020 at 07:07 AM by Gary C

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