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Long update....

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I have a second blog at blogger, but wondering if maybe I should stick to this one here....any thoughts? While blogger is easier I have a far longer legacy here at VCF than I do at blogger. Plus this feels more like something I"d use (and it works with my vintage computers).

So since the last post a long time ago....a lot has changed. I live in a different region, my collection was downsized and then regrown again (something about this keeps me coming back, even though it's getting harder and harder to economically keep working with the same generations of computer hardware that I prefer to). Plus I'm getting deeper into the electronics now and expanding into other legacy electronic tech (CRTs, VCRs, LaserDisc players, etc...) and some into more recent electronics (Wii, Raspberry Pi, etc...).

So I bring you...dun dun projects list for 2020-2021 currently


- Tandy 1000A - upgrade to V20 and add an 8087, that's about it, maybe build a Joypad for it (Thedexter!)
- GEM 286 - I'm seriously tempted to add a Tandy 3-voice board to this one for some of the older games it has
- Apple Macintosh SE - I'm still looking for a good Ethernet card for this one....though passively
- Creeping Net 486 - Once again need to replace the RH17 LianLi Mobile Rack....another $25 on Flea-Bay to be spent
- NEC Ready 9522 - CMOS battery acting up again, thinking it's time to just bite the bullet and put a new Dallas chip in it


- NEC Versa 40EC - Repair or replace the LCD, not hard since those NL6448 LCD's are a dime a dozen, and there's an 800x600 model that also fits this PC (I'm seriously tempted to upgrade it to touch though since it's the first model to have touch as an option). Also want to get another Cisco Aironet LMC-352 for it and contact paper over the cracked plastic I JB welded together. Also will get bumped back up to 20MB of RAM when I upgrade the M/75 to 40MB.

- NEC Versa M/75 - Still looking for a 10.4" total 9.4" viewable area 5 pin Digitizer for it, surface capacitive 3M MicroTouch compatible. Planning an adapter for an RJ45 based pen as well once that's done. Currently could use some structural improvements, might do these once I get the P/75 more in order. I recently rejuvinated the battery so now this thing is truly portable. I'm also dabbling with WSS on this machine a little bit to get sound working in DQOS when undocked as it uses that annoying Crystal CS4231 audio chip that's WSS compatible and a bit of a pain to

- NEC Versa P/75 - CMOS Battery still acting up after soldering up my own using a CR2302, looks like I Should just get a proper holder, solder that in, and then install the proper 2450 battery instead. Also needs WiFi card added (Cisco LMC-352) and maybe anotehr Floppy since I moved the working battery and floppy drive from this into the M/75 as that one is my favorite.

I also have three batteries to re-cell.....1 for the 40EC, 2 for the M/P 75 models. Looks like a visit to Batteries + Bulbs is in the works - or FleaBay.


Dell Power Edge 610 - Still need to finish setting up and tweaking the Plex MediaServer + File Server. Eventually I might add a Web Rendering Proxy to it as well (For older browsers). Trying to decide if I want to continue to pursue in my apartment though as this thing is dual 800W power supply driven (LOTTA watts).


- I have 2 Wii now, one is our old one I fixed with a new drive, the other is one I kit-bashed together out of 2 old Wii and I Call it FrankenWii or TuxedoWii depending on my mood. TuxedoWii needs all the doors replaced. Built it out of 2 O.G. Wii, one black that had the front broken, one white that did not work at all - applied the letterbomb softmod, and set it up with the capability to run games off USB (to save wear and tear on the DVD Drive) + some emulators and xferred over my VC and WiiWare to it so both units are identical (mostly).

- Magnavox TV is working fine, the Mitsubishi however sounds like it has a leaky anode cap (EHT) that's arcing, especially when the voltage level rises on brighter screens. Currently messing around on Video Karma for that one. So looks like an outdoor TV day is in order using a rattle can, some dialectric, and maybe silicone sealer.

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  1. Gary C's Avatar
    Blogging here ?, go for it

    Its nice to read someone else's blog.

    I write mine as its a good way to review what I have done and to remember how I sorted some issues out. If anyone else reads them and gets something out of it then great.