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40EC is charging again, 2021 Plans

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Fixed the NEC Versa 40EC power supply board, turns out I melted a wire between the secondary pack negative terminal on it's way to the circuitry. I replaced it with a thinner wire. The machine now charges and runs like normal. Just needs a new battery, and I located the company that made the battery for my P/75 & M/75 - they make a version for the Ultralite/E/V models as well, so I'll spend on that sometime down the road this year.

That said, I think 2021 is going to be a bit more of change. When I moved, I was going to a more minimalist thing, now I feel like I'm ballooning back up the PC stuff again.

I'm thinking what's going to happen is this

- Tandy 1000A, Macintosh SE FDHD, and some others, will be sold and the money put into savings and/or to fund other projects with the other computers.

My GEM 286 covers the Tandy 1000 and early 486 stuff, the 486 Desktop too is very sentimental to me and also can LAN game with the Versas (too bad the original Ultralite 286 could not be used with the Versadock). I'll just put a TNDY sound card board in the GEM, fix up the 486's mobile rack (with the one from the Tandy), and then focus on getting all my VErsas in a row. The M/75 needs a case (or become transplanted into a dead one) so I might take a note from Bithead 1000 and make an acrylic one and add OPL while I'm at it via Parallel Port (and wire it into the Internal Speaker. Put a battery in the 40EC and make that one my main traveler since it seems to be the most solid of the lot.

Also maybe building another 40EC once I fix the motherboard/power board for the old one that I swapped, and fix up that PC Chips M919 motherboard that I"ve been slacking on for all these years. I might put THAT in the 486 desktop eventually with an even faster whizz-bang graphics card and USB support (!!!).

The goal is so that I donj't have six machines living in my closet most of the year while I focus on the 2 or 3 I like to mess with the most.

The only systems I want to add at this point are variants of the Versa PC-4xx series because I'm planning on making a video covering those models, as well as making repair videos. I'm also tempted to start repairing and flipping cracked laptops this year as well.

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