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IBM PC addicts

  1. CP/M User
    CP/M User
    Well if it runs CP/M-86 v1.1! ;-)
  2. TandyMan100
    Gotta love Winderz 3.1
  3. CP/M User
    CP/M User
    Only when DR-DOS 5.xx, 6.xx or 7.xx or OS/2 Warp is there behind it controlling it! ;-)
  4. Jorg
    Lolz. Made this group just because I was curious what the button did, now there are all people in it! EEEK!

    I keep to PCDOS, and stay below 4.
    I consider MS-DOS 5 windows95-without-the-shell.

    Need to find an (IBM!) OS/2 version that runs on the AT though.
  5. CP/M User
    CP/M User
    That would be OS/2 v1 which can run on an AT. Cannot remember how much memory it needs, I reckon if you can get 8 Megabytes on that AT you're going well! Otherwise stick GEM on it - best GUI environment for a XT or 286!
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