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your favorite portable

  1. linuxlove
    list your favorite portable here. mine would be... a compaq portable!

    i dunno why i put those smilies up there...
  2. orlandoave
    I also like the old CPPC. I have several, and some of which don't display video.
    I wondering if it is a flyback issue. Anyone know?
  3. arfink
    I got a Tandy 102 and a 200. They're definitely my favorite portable computers of all the ones I own.
  4. ppo
    My Macintosh Powerbook (only portable I have).

    Managed to get it working for the first time since I bought it in August 2009!
  5. DOS lives on!!
    DOS lives on!!
    I like and have the Panasonic Sr. Business Partner portable. I like it because of it's built in printer, robust design, and a place to store a power cable in the back.
  6. shoe
    Hi, new guy here.

    Favorite portable; without a doubt - Cambridge Z88. So slick, SO portable!
    PipeDream wordprocessor
    OZ Operatingsystem
    Uppgradable to 512Kb internal memory, 4MB in total, Flashcards available (or build your own).

    A remarkable little machine. New in stock from resellers _today_ both in the UK and US. I got mine for free from a friend who bought it at a flee market for a few bucks with 128k RAM and 32k EPROM.

    Also take a look at the Amstrad NC-100, I think it's pretty similar. I also have an Osborne 1, but it's currently out of order. Working on that... Bad RAM I think
  7. Windows2000
    Outbound laptop/notebook: Motorola 68000 Macintosh clone. Lots of unique things about it. When it was released in 1989 it required a Macintosh SE or Plus ROM in order to fully boot. While this may have been a turn-off to some who were looking for a true Macintosh laptop it's nearly $4000 price tag made it appealing when you consider the "luggable" Macintosh Portable was nearly $7000. If you needed your donor Mac working again, simple plug a cable from your laptop into it. It also had a horizontal scroll bar as a pointing device, something I've yet to see on any other portable computer.
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