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Favorite 5150 Setup

  1. marcoguy
    This group doesn't have any discussion, so I decided to give it some. What is your favorite configuration of an IBM PC 5150? That can include cards, drives, and whatever else you would like to add. I actually have two:

    Functionality(the one I actually have):
    Microsoft MACH 20(with full RAM and disk plus)
    Seagate ST02 SCSI controller(with BIOS 3.2)
    Maxtor 2.4Gb HDD
    1.2Mb Floppy Drive
    1.44Mb Floppy Drive
    original MS Inport Mouse
    VGA adapter
    2 Serial
    2 Parallel

    Nostalgia(The one I want to get):
    8088 CPU
    2 Full Height 360K Floppy Drives
    64K RAM
    CGA/MGA adapter
    1 Serial
    1 Parallel
  2. wangermuller
    OMG, this is blasphemy I try to keep my lovely 5150 the most original as I can. The original PC never came with a hard drive (the first 10MB came with the 5160) so no hard drive for this one. My system have double 360KB Tandom drives , MGA video card, low density FDC and a AST memory expansion to reach 640KB. I donít need a mach20 since I own a AT 5170. Iím looking for a 64kb 5150 system.
  3. dhtoulouse
    Hi IBM's supporter,

    The hardware configuration is quite strategic.
    Not so easy to use old software in a too much tiny machine.
    TC or PowerBasic need ram and disk space.
    Hard drive is a good help to run softs but not authentic and not reliable.

    A good treason is to connect an external discrete ZIP100 drive to parallel port with PalmZip driver.
    Good balance to do file exchange with modern PC, to work with space, and to enjoy slow life.

  4. bettablue
    My favorite setup is the one I created when I attached an authentic IBM 5161 Expansion Unit, and configure the system so that the main CPU, houses two 5 1/4" floppy drives, and the Exxpansion Unit contains two full height hard disc drives. The addition of a Dataguard 5000surge protector and power control unit that allows a much more simplified way of booting the entire system. My personal system sits on a somewhat older laptop desk. It makes the system look as though the desk and system look as though they were made for each other.
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