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Hey all!

  1. ChrisCwmbran
    Whilst this forum is a wonderful resource, much of the conversation on here, and many of the things being offered for sale are in the US, so I thought I'd attempt to bring us UK members together, and see how we can all help each other out!

  2. ChrisCwmbran
    So what kind of stuff do each of you collect specifically?
  3. StowComputers
    I'm a big fan of anything Commodore, except perhaps the Plus4 and the Vic20. Would love a 65, but if i'm honest I'd probably sell it and but a 2nd hand Porsche if I ever found one.
  4. ChrisCwmbran
    Camputers stuff is I guess top of my list of what I want though sadly I have very little at the moment. My rarest Commodore is a B500 but even that is somewhat common compared with the 65 lol.
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