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What's on your Apple II?

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  1. WMH
    I saw that this was conducted elsewhere on the forums, but I thought it would be interesting to conduct it here, too.

    What's on your Apple II?

    For me, it's a huge mish-mash. I have a bunch of programs, most of which I have no idea about.

    They include:

    *AppleWorks (three copies of different versions.)
    *Graphics programs (Interior design, MousePaint, etc.)
    *Geology programs (I haven't tested them yet)
    *DOS 3.3 (of course)
    *Others which are slipping my mind.

    What do you have, and what programs are your favorites?
  2. DOS lives on!!
    DOS lives on!!
    The main ones I have is Softdisk and Uptime. I do also like the Wheel of Fortune and the Jeopardy game. Also along with the "Brain Teasers and Ear Pleasers" disk.
  3. WMH
    Cool. You have a Jeopardy game? That must be real fun to play, even though the clues may be a little outdated.
  4. Gib
    I started counting my Apple II programs for this message, but I stopped when I reached 100 and I was only up to the "B" disks. Must be at least 1,000 disk images on the CF card in one of my //es and lots more actual programs. I've only got a couple hundred actual floppies.

    It was fun going through those programs, and maybe that will inspire me to go back and run some for the first time in years. Like most users, I have a few favs from my collection:

    Apple Bowling
    Apple Invader
    Battle Chess
    Bill Budge Trilogy
    Club Casino
    County Carnival
    Crossword Magic
    Mario Bros
    Ms Pacman
    Pong (was this the 1st PC game? I still love it.)
    Raster Blaster (by the Master -- Bill Budge)
    Sargon III
    Star Trek
    Stickybear Bop (and others in that series)
    Wheel of Fortune
    Where in the World is Carmen... (and others in that series)
    Who killed Roger Rabbit?
  5. WMH
    Cool! You've got quite a few of the classics in there (Pong, Pacman, Frogger, etc.) and lots of others I'll have to check out.

    You have Pong? I've been looking for that, is it a disk image?
  6. Gib
    I have a version of Pong on a .dsk file (in which I modified the BASIC program for keyboard-only paddle control, added score-keeping, and corrected the problem of the ball breaking through the walls). In one of my boxes of diskettes, I have my modified version and I should also have another version or two.
  7. WMH
    I was honestly starting to believe that Pong was never ported to the Apple II. Guess I was wrong...

    Any chance you could upload your .dsk file?

    I'm starting a resources thread in the group.
  8. Gib
    Sure, but I'm new here, so I don't know how and where to upload files yet.
  9. WMH
    I don't know how to either...

    Do you have a service like SkyDrive or Dropbox you could use?
  10. Gib
    I use both, but I'd prefer to just upload to this forum, if we can identify a way to do that. Or I could email the .dsk file to you, and you can do whatever you want with it from that point on.
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