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Proposed "Pet Alive!" day

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  1. tezza

    I've had an idea for an event to celebrate the Commodore PET. Several of use have been disussing this (cosam, MikeS, Anders, mrmacca, Dave_m) on another forum and offline. We have moved discussion to here. Ideas are still being kicked around but here is the proposal.

    A weekend (probably April 24th-25th)
    Activity. People drag out their PETs and exibit them to others by way of photo and/or Youtube video. These exibits would be judged. Categories would be
    (a) Best dressed PET (adorned with props)
    (b) Best behaved PET (a PET doing something)
    (c) Best groomed PET (Cleanest Pet in original condition).

    Categories would not need to be mutually exclusive.

    Please use this forum to discuss and finalise the plans, prior to me sending posting out a general notice on the main VCF forums.

  2. tezza
    I just thought of one other category which might encourage a few more people to post examples..

    (d) Most neglectged PET.

    The winner of this category will be threatened with a phone call from the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA)...or your country's equivalent).

  3. dave_m
    Count me in for that weekend. I am OK with your list of suggestions.
  4. carlsson
    Most neglected, does it include those experiments with a bare motherboard and an unshielded power supply I posted pictures of?

    Unfortunately I'm away at a vintage gaming/computer meet on the 24th, but certainly be home on Sunday. If you like, we could let the event run for two consecutive weekends, ideally 17-25th to let everyone in.
  5. tezza
    >Most neglected, does it include those experiments with a bare motherboard and an unshielded power supply I posted pictures of?

    LOL. That might be stretching it a bit Anders

    You would certainly be someone who needs to around during the event. I wonder rather than two weekends, we could strech the event over a week (which incorporates those two weekends)? I am concious that events can lose focus if they go on for too long. A week might be ok though...and if people were prepared to offer diagnostic advice during the time, some successful fixes might be add to it? Also it would give time for more discussion and probably allow more people to participate as the can fit the event better around thier off-line lives.


  6. tezza

    Under the link below I've uploaded a draft notice for the VCF events section. Tell me what you think. Given that it will be a week rather than a weekend, I have made mention of PET Vets after all, but also added a note that there is no obligation to a full diagnostic session.

    I thought I might ask Earl Evans (Retrobits) to be the judge. In case he's not interested, does anyone know of anyone else who has kudos in the Commodore PET world who you think might be willing?

    I've dropped a note to Erik, just to clear the event with him. Have yet to hear back from him.

    The draft events posting is here.

  7. tezza
    Erik says the event is fine by him and we should go for it.
  8. tezza
    Hi Guys,

    Can I assume the silence is approval for the way the final event is starting to look? I've dropped Earl Evans a note about being a judge. Assuming people are still enthusaistic and supportive I'll post the Events Notice at the Forums sometime next week.

    Start grooming up your PETS!

  9. tezza
    Just a progress note....Earl Evans (Retrobits podcast) has agreed to select and present the awards. I think it best to reveal the name of the judge in the events announcement, as Earl is known in retro-computing circles. It might help increase interest.

    Ok, I'll post up an events notice later tonight. Last chance for comment or to suggest any modifications?

  10. dave_m
    In line with the dog show comment, at first I thought a 'Best of Show' category might be appropriate, but for the life of me, I can not come up with any special criteria, so maybe that would be a bit much.
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