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What are your current projects?

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  1. Windows2000
    -Currently trying to repair a Macintosh Centris 610
    -Finding parts for a PC EDGE 286
  2. AllThingsDOS
    Working on several systems a Macintosh 128, Macintosh SE, Tandy 1000 EX, and TRS-80 Model 4. There are others I just haven't gotten into them yet.
  3. dhoelzer
    Aside from working on repairing a really persnickety PET 2001-32n, I'm in the middle of building an N8VEM. I've also been seriously thinking about doing some scratch building of a 6502 or z80 based S-100. I haven't yet decided if I want to buy the boards that the folks at have been putting together or do do it all from scratch, but I'm leaning toward the "do it all."
  4. Ozfer
    Repairing my IBM 5150, trying to get a Macintosh SE fully functional again, also fixing a Pentium system.
  5. OS9dude
    1014 thus far has seen me busy taking my first steps with the TI-99/4A. After many years on the back burner I pulled one I inherited from the attic and replaced the keyboard on it; the second unit I got over Ebay just because it came bundled with quite a few cartridges... bad video RAM problem, repaired - couldn't have picked a better way to learn about the TI, straight into the electronics. Also been working on a couple of early Tandy Color Computers that I acquired with no major problems except some TLC - these are my personal favorites.

    This is the life
  6. Capt. 2110
    Capt. 2110
    Restoring a Palm M100
    Powering up a TI-99/4A with an ATX PSU
    Repairing my iMac G3 500MHz(Again)
    Finishing a C64 DTV project that started several years ago
    Repainting a poor conditioned Powerbook G4 550MHz
  7. T-R-A
    Too many to mention at length---but here goes:
    Get a 486DX4-100 to run Win2K
    Upgrade to a system running Mint 17.2 (and backup the current "main" system running Win7)
    Sort through a free pile of 30/72/168 pin RAM modules
    Revive my PC-XT
  8. crazyhorseguy
    Hmm, current projects...
    Apollo Domain 3000, system/monitor/keyboard/mouse are working fine after some effort, but HDD won't move the heads out of the parking position...
    Figuring out a random Chicony KB-5151 I came across recently.
    Picked up an AST 386 machine, have yet to dig into that one.
    A couple accessories I'm working on for the Commodore 64.

    There's other stuff as well, but not strictly computer-related.
  9. EkriirkE
    Mac SE/30 with battery damage: many missing traces, rotten vias, dissolved ICs. I think I got all the traces restored but the machine isn't booting yet
  10. Matthew27
    Im currently repairing a Osborne OCC1 should have been an easy power supply fix with the blown film cap but the monitor doesnt power up and one of the keyboard membranes looks like in a rusted color on top so im assuming dead for life keyboard?!
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