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MicroVax II from bits, how to get an OS onto HDD without network card?

  1. Bassoonbloke
    Greetings all,

    I've put together a MicroVAX II from bits (mainly from Ebay). I have:-

    BA23 QBus
    M7606 MVII CPU
    M7609 Memory boards (X2) for a total of 16mb
    M7555 HDD/FDD controller board
    M3107 8X Serial I/O board.
    I also have a Seagate ST 412 HDD which is compatible with the M7555 controller card.
    Console Control panel with serial port going to PC acting as a terminal.

    The system will go through diagnostics and drop me at a Chevron prompt (so far so good). But I need to be able to format the HDD and then get an OS onto it, NetBsd or something similar.
    Most of the stuff that I have read relies on the Vax end having a network card being installed (DELQA), which I don't have !!
    Has anyone found a way of doing this?
    If so, would they please enlighten me !!
    Is it possible in some way via an emulator running on a PC?

    Cheers for any info,
  2. ChrisCwmbran
    I wish I could offer you some help with this Alan, but its completely outside my field.

    Are you on the mailing list which is found here:

    If not I would strongly suggest that you join up which is free, and ask the question on there. I think there will be plenty of people on there who can help you!

  3. Bassoonbloke
    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for your reply. I've put this thread on the US parent of this forum to see what other people across the pond can suggest as well and quite a few interesting responses have come back.
    Have a look on there if you are interested in possible ways of getting this done.

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