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Mouse on & Off on TP 3

  1. gnallkoff
    Hello and a happy new year.

    I try to get the mouse on the Screen in Text Mode on TP 3.02. I have some hints with TP 5 but as you know TP 3 does not know units as DOS; Mouse; ect. and
    Orders as GetInrVec is as unknown as the variable Word (Two Bytes) for the Segment and the Offset.
    Using Intr($33) or 51 in decimal with Order No 3 on REG. AX I can ask the position (works) and as I put 0 on .AX I know that the mouse is there. Result is : -1
    In the documentation I have the mouse is not mentioned so I can't get the mouse on & off the screen and not to talk about control the mouse and the fire buttons.
    Does some Body can help with some hints ?

    I wish you a successful 2016
    and best regards Joe
  2. CP/M User
    CP/M User
    Again, apologies for my reply. TP 3.02 AFAIK doesn't allow support for Mouse, so a lot of the editing processes were command driven. A mouse driven program could probably be written in TP 3, though INTR $33 is a software based interrupt for DOS. The command driven nature of TP3 would of been due to CP/M operating systems, it would of changed when Borland brought out TP4, which dropped all support for CP/M based operating systems.
  3. watlers_world
    Inline Machine code should work for that.
  4. CP/M User
    CP/M User
    Again sorry for my late reply, sadly I don't get in here all that much and I don't get notifications for when new messages are sent
    DOS can have Interrupts setup to support the Mouse. The software interrupts makes it easier by setting up a series of Interrupts to talk to the mouse, when Turbo Pascal 3 was written, the coders were still designing it so it would run in CP/M, CP/M-86, DOS, MSDOS, etc. Though the possibility of writing a Mouse-driven program is perhaps easier than trying to get Mouse support into TP3, I think SWAG was the place to download lots of Turbo Pascal source code, the trick would be to setup a RECORD of registers, and from within that program WITH regs DO could have a bunch of registers in that with values for setting up the mouse followed by INTR($33,regs); I think. In that case no Inline Machine code is necessary.
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