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  1. CP/M User
    CP/M User
    Guess you're all wondering how a CP/M User could open up the first Discussion in an OS/2 based group!

    'tis true I was using OS/2 Warp v3 when I was busy collecting Computers and spare bits, I had v3 running on a 386 running at 33Mhz which was great, though I when I got some 486 stuff - had a 486 running at 66Mhz with 8Mb which was fantastic cause I had Netscape running on it and everything (I think that was the only limitation with the 386 - otherwise I had the Internet going on it though the Web Browser which came with it was limited in the sense HTML code was limited on it. Anyone remember what that browser was called - there was a few versions of it too, I think Netscape was it's replacement.

    It was all going well until the Second Hand Hard Disk decided to pack it in! Otherwise it was fun for a little while!
  2. Caluser2000
    Web Explorer was the browser that came with OS/2s IAK-Internet Access Kit.

    I've used OS/2 on and off for a bit myself and dedicated a 486 for running Warp v3.
  3. Spankmd
    I recently put 2.0 on a PS/2 P75 (486 33 portable, if you have string arms). Been using it OS/2 since the mid-90's.
  4. Windows2000
    I just got a second Thinkpad 600 and have been trying to install Warp 4 on it.
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