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  1. patscc
    Woof. #2. I'll try to get up some pix of my Kaypro's soon.
  2. Kaypro
    Sounds good! Nice to see the social groups section isn't dead
  3. Midwinter
    I just recently purchased a Kaypro IV computer for $20 USD. I had been researching them recently since I did not own one when they were new or really know much about them. I had a TRS-80 in this time period. The system seems to boot fine, but it did not come with the boot disks. I am hoping the ones I just ordered off of Ebay will do the trick. The gentleman selling them was not sure if they were for the '83 or the '84 release and didn't know if they were CP/M version 2.2F or 2.2G. Oh well... I hope I can pick your brains once I get this thing going because I will definitely need the help.
  4. Kaypro
    No problem Winter, we'll be glad to help!
  5. Kaypro
    Alright, I've gotten my Kaypro's back. I'll be uploading photo's sometime.
  6. LS120
    i see this is a while old.. but i have a zoo of old z80 luggables and pc's..

    have Spectravideo 328/318, 738 msx, bondwell-14, Bondwell-16, Osborn 1, Kaypro 2/84 (x2) , 2 Kaypro-10 one with handyman card. and some compaq luggables i haven looked at yet..

    i'm trying to finish the repairs to the bondwell's but the 16 has an error booting cpm3.. with load error cant find cpm3.sys. if i boot from a bondwell disk (cpm 3.02) it doesn't see the hdd.. any help would be nice as finding anything is very hard..
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