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Which Operating System do you use?

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  1. CP/M User
    CP/M User
    Cool I'm in!

    So what do you use or have you used out of those?

    I have used:

    * CP/M-86 v1.1 For the IBM PC/XT - which is the 16bit equivalent of CP/M-80 v2.2.

    On a 8bit Computer (which is an Amstrad CPC6128) I've used:

    * CP/M Plus (v3.1)

    * CP/M v2.2 and;

    * BASIC - which is what is referred to as AMSDOS, which comes in it's own ROM.

    - Of the 3 on that machine I used AMSDOS (since the majority of software is commercial available for that system) & CP/M v2.2 for programming mainly because it's the Disc (yes Disc) Based Operating system available for all that range of machines! :-D
  2. linuxlove
    all i've used is CP/M-86 and not for very long...
  3. TandyMan100
    I use Windows, mainly. The OS on my Tandy is BASIC, so i guess that counts...
  4. CP/M User
    CP/M User
    Oh okay - forgot abot this! Didn't think I would have been personally upto making a thread like this.

    I think when I made it I had Vintage Operating Systems in mind because I've used OS/2 Warp V3. I've also used Windows 3.1 & Windows 2.x - though they don't really qualify as Operating Systems now do they, likewise I've also used GEM which falls under the banner of Operating Environment! The Operating System behind those would have been PC-DOS 3.30 and PC-DOS 5. I also used DR-DOS 5.x which is Digital Researchs equivalent of DOS 3.30.

    CP/M can be confusing and even frustrating to use as an Operating System, though once one has got some books and a feel for the command line it's not too bad. I think because DOS ripped it off, the consensus there is people except it to perform and behave the same way as DOS, when it's not like that at all! The beauty of it is it's size and how big programs can be in it.
  5. CP/M User
    CP/M User
    Haven't really used any of the 'nix's though one of the Interesting ones I saw was for one called Minix which was designed to run on the lower end PCs like XTs & 286s. Noticed that their project is still going (has been going since 1987!) Minix 3 seems to be the latest Incarnation. Though I've literally seen heaps of 'nix adaptions, unfortunately my busy lifestyle limits me to trying that stuff out!
  6. shoe
    I'm a *NIX user for about ten years, so I'm actually looking forward to testing Minix or any of the Unix-ports on the Z80

    I have actually _never_ tried CP/M. Yes, I admit, it is true. But then again, I am pretty new at this. My first "real" 8-bit micro was the MSX and I mostly wrote BASIC and played games on it. After that I used an Amiga, then Linux, Windows and Mac, Solaris, BSDs, etc.

    But I'm really looking forward to trying out CP/M!
  7. DOS lives on!!
    DOS lives on!!
    I'm enjoying Windows 1.0 on my 5170 AT. It runs quite fast with the Intel Aboveboard installed.
  8. Tor
    Minis: VMS, SINTRAN-III. Micros: CP/M-2.2, CP/M-3/Plus, a range of Apple-II DOS variants and UCSD P-system. PC-DOS, MS-DOS of course.. I never moved to Windows. But I worked on pre-Warp (IIRC) OS/2, I wrote a couple of drivers and an X.25 remote login system (so that I could log in to a customer's OS/2 system). Then came *nix variants (first SunOS, then some fiddling with Minix, Coherent etc. until 386BSD and Linux came around). And basically all mainstream *nix variants.
    These days it's still *nix and Linux, and now I've also got some SBC kits and I'm again fiddling with CP/M.

    There are some other obscure operating systems I also worked with way back (obscure as in really obscure, or also as in "can't remember what it was called". But words like FLEX and OS/9 seem to trigger some memories. And the (physically) big department computer we had in school didn't have an OS - you just loaded whatever you wanted to work with into core memory from paper tape).

  9. Windows2000
    1/3 of my desktop systems employ DOS so I stuck with MS-DOS 6.22 on all but one which I use DR-DOS 6. A small portion of my collection is Macintosh computers. One is a PowerPC, which I put OS 9 on and the other is a Motorola 68040, which I would use System 7.6 if a SCSI HDD wasn't a chore to locate. The rest are mid-90s desktops with common installs of Windows 98 and a few ME. I might consider playing with NT and maybe some lightweight Linux distros.

    Half of my laptops are early ThinkPads, which I make use out of OS/2 Warp 3 (and some Warp 4) but some models do not provide drivers for OS/2 so I improvise with Windows 3.11 or 95. Others include the Powerbook 145 and 145B with System 7 on both of them and a Powerbook 3400c with OS 8. All other laptops are either too modern for discussion or have no OS at all (In disrepair).
  10. Interstate 8088
    Interstate 8088
    Possibly The Best, Most Stable Unix Of Them All.... SGI IRIX
    6.5.22 On My INDY 5000 To Be Specific.
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