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your favorite PC with an IBM brand on it

  1. linuxlove
    mine is my thinkpad 360Ce. yours?
  2. Jorg
    I think my AT. I was spoiled putting behind one in 1988 during my trainee time, with nothing to do but play with it.
  3. Mad-Mike
    I know this is old but it has to be

    Desktop: IBM PC-330 6571-xxx - The 486 variant of the Select-A-Bus IBM PC-330 series
    Laptop: IBM ThinkPad 755CD - This was like a PC-330 stuffed into a laptop
  4. marcoguy
    Ibm pc xt 5160
  5. fatwizard
    I'm with Macroguy. My old PC XT 5160. IBM DOS 3.3 640K motherboard, CGA with my 5153 monitor, 360K 5.25 HH and 1.44 M floppy drives, and the trusty IBM WD25 20 Meg hard drive. Plus a Seagate ST01 SCSI contoller and an external 250 Meg drive in case the the WD25 isn't so trusty after all.
  6. wangermuller
    IBM 5170 original configuration:80286 and 80287,512KB expanded to 1.5MB, 8MHZ, 1.2MB and 360KB FDDs. 10 MB HDD,IBM EGA card, IBM5154 screen. DOS 5.0
  7. PeterNC
    IBM PS/ValuePoint desktops.
  8. Caluser2000
    All my IBMs have fallen over and been junked except for my PC 300GL with windows 98 gold on it. That just keeps on trucken.
  9. PeterNC
    I am now looking for a 300, Aptiva or NetVista P3 to play WarCraft III on.
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